Hoorraay for 2018!

New year gives me a different excitement and hope. I used believe that New Year means “new me”.

It’s like I could change myself as if I would be born again and as if my past mistakes and failures would be erased.

But when you get older (but, I am not that old) you will realize that new year is not like that.

I think it’s better to say “New year, BETTER ME!”

Well, I cannot change or spend too much time to regret on the not-so-wise decisions that I have made, I cannot turn back time to do the things I hope I did, I cannot withdraw the words that I have said that might hurt others, and/or I cannot undo anything now.

All I can do is to learn from those mistakes, reflect on my previous actions, and make myself better this 2018. I need to take one step forward & take a lift of faith to create the life I wanted and dreaming to live.

I need to push myself this year, and stop overthinking or analyzing things and situations. You know, too much reflection without action is useless. It’s like praying without doing anything is meaningless; just like what they have said, ” The mercy is in heaven, and the works are in the man”.

I have read someone’s blog saying that you should not wait for the new year to be someone better or to do your “resolutions” and plans. The “adult” in me totally agree with that, because every day is a new day given to us to make it happen. We just have to keep our goals in mind and day by day make it achievable.

What do we want to do this year? What do we need this year? How can we improve ourselves this year?

One thing I learned being an “adult” is to be specific about the goals. Enough of the vogue and/or broad things.

Do you want to lose weight, how many? You want to travel, where? You want a new house, when? Do you want to save money, how much?

Having a specific set of goal would identify the steps we need to take day by day.

You know, I know one of the best strategies already; but the “procrastinate person” in me says “later!”— the SMART strategy:


Anyway, I am sincerely excited for this year, not because I could start again or what; but, because I am still given a chance to improve myself and do the things I procrastinate last 2017.

2017 is not that bad at all; but, I know to myself that I could make the 2018 way better than 2017. There are inevitable situations—that’s part of life, but they say “10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of life is decided by how you react.”

To wrap things up, do not say, “2018 be good to me” it’s not 2018 that will make our life—-it’s us.

So, you better be good to yourself!

I believe that everything is Viable!

Goodluck on this year, dear one!

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via Daily Prompt: Viable


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