Hey you,

Can you give me a minute of your time? And allow me to be a Conveyor of an important message.


Yes, you…

Today, as of this moment… I want to tell you that I commend you.

I commend you…

For trying your best in every situations, even though at first you find it impossible.

For not giving up or easily quit just because at some phase it seems so hard, draining, tiring, annoying, and you’re losing your patience…yet, you keep on going.

I sincerely commend you for that.

I commend you for all the things you have done.

For the effort you have exerted. It is amazing!

For extending your hand to have the best result even though people are not asking you to do so. You are exemptional!

I know at some point you have doubted, struggled, bothered, exhausted, and felt unappreciated during the process or over the situation.

But still, you keep on doing what is needed, what should be done, and what is expected.

And with all of that, I commend you because you are a “winner”.

You have over ruled the doubt, the struggle, the challenges, that “I am so tired”, the negativity, and all.

Wow! You are incredible.

So today, let me just tell you on behalf of everyone or “that person”…

Job well done!

I appreciate you!

Thank you!


via Daily Prompt: Conveyor


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