Warning: Very long post! But hopefully, worth the read. =)

Maybe it was heaven’s way of saying to me, “take care of your skin– yourself”

I could still remember the days I would sleep without even washing my face after a long day. I don’t have any regime or any “beauty routine”. I am not someone meticulous on skin during my teenage years.

It’s because I have a fine skin.

Teenage years…. =)

Well, not-so-really because I would have a pimple–1 or 2 during my teenage years and it would normally happen before my monthly periods.

Funny, because I remember, during those days if I would have 1 or 2 pimples it was the only time I would bother to wash my face and put something on it– to heal me fast. And I felt like I am so ugly and my self-confidence was at its lowest.

Little did I know something worst would happen.


It was last 2012, I was informed that I had a lung problem and I need to went to a 6 months healing program. Then, I was in the mid months of taking the prescribed medicine when my mom and I noticed that I am having small bumps all over my face.

(2012) It’s not too obvious; but, if you could notice the red spots and some were like rashes.

So, during one of my visit to my doctor, we asked her about it and inquired if it could be a side effect of the medicines. Also, asked her if we could change the prescribed medicine for my lungs concern so my bumps wouldn’t continue; and she changed it.

However, sadly, even after she changed the medicines for my lungs the small bumps were still there & popping and getting worst.

And what is more heartbreaking, even after I finished the 6 months medication for my lungs it continues.


My mom told me that we would consult a dermatologist.

Derma 1: she prescribed me a set of facial things to do. It was my first time to have a “routine”. However, I stopped her prescription because it was prickly and I can’t take it.

Derma 2: Since I am working in Manila, I looked for one for easy check-ups. Same with Derma 1, she prescribed me her own set of “routine”. It was bearable compared to the first set I tried. But, nothing happened.

And since I am not used on having small bumps on my face and I wanted to get rid of it the soonest. I decided to switched a dermatologist.

Derma 3: With her, I tried my first-ever pimple pricking and facial cleansing. It was so painful! And, I also have sets of things to put on my face.

But, the impatient me told me to switched again.

Derma 4: This is where I stayed the longest and tried everything. What I liked about her is that she never gave me a set of “routine” products that she created herself; but, she did suggest products like facial wash and spot treatments.

I like it more because it gave me a chance to explore what is more effective on my skin. Rather than, purchasing the dermatologist “own” products and then it’s not gonna work on me. Do you get it?

Also, with my 4th dermatologist, I had experienced more painful treatments– more pricking plus pimple injections. And, she also gave me oral medications– tetracycline then switched to pills.

But sadly, after a year and so nothing worked for me. So, I stop…

Ended my dermatologist “hunting” there because I AM TIRED.

Everything I went through, the products they told me to use, all the painful pricking, the oral medications— IT WAS EXHAUSTING.


My parents—especially my mother purchased “acne treatments” that she heard effective from her colleagues and friends.

I started to use different products from Korea, US, and more.

But still, nothing works…

I find things Vague on why the medications and other treatments not effective with me.

I want my old skin and self back.

And with what is going on, seriously, things are getting heart breaking.

So, I PAUSED and breathe…

and soon after, I REALIZED



I am “proud” and “happy to say” that I cannot sleep without washing my face. And, I now have a “beauty” routine. =)

I even have acne scars…

(2018) Seriously, most of it is acne scars. I swear, only a few bumps I could feel.
(2018) This is the front view of the pic above, and I honestly do not know why my acne is not obvious there. I swear, it is taken the same day and hour and has no filer.


Take care of your skin. Those regime and beauty products are not frivolous. It helps you ensure your skin are healthy and good.

A pimple or any other facial and skin problem should never define your beauty. We need to see the “beauty” behind and beyond those imperfections.

Be kind. You have to be kind to yourself.

Be confident. There are times that insecurity still knocks me off. But, it wouldn’t take too long because I am confident with myself. I have assured myself that even with my acne I am beautiful.

Believe in yourself. I have to accept the truth and the situations. At the same time, I have faith that someday I will be healed. I will find the right products and maybe “the right derma” for me.

Be patience. The healing progress for me might be too long unlike the others, but soon my skin will be okay again. There are things that take time and maybe for me, this is one.

Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. Not because you have this, you feel beautiful on this, you are confident on this —you love yourself. And when it’s gone, you would end up hating yourself. No. You have to love yourself completely— including your imperfections.

And there, that’s my acne story.

P.S. I am having a bad breakout (every) a week before my monthly period. =(

PPS. If you also have acne, I would love to hear your acne story and the PRODUCTS that helped or helping you. =)

PPS. If you are still battling with acne, like me, let us not lose our hope. ❤

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